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frequently asked questions 

What’s your availability?

White Rabbit Tattoo Studio

Lower Eastside ✨ Manhattan 

Sunday-Tuesday 12-8pm

*appointment only*

*zoom consultations available Sunday~Thursday*


Jersey City Tattoo ✨NJ

Fridays & Saturday 12-9pm

*walk-in & appointments available*



(this account is May 2023 new new) 


How do I book an appointment?

You can always email at britaini.albin@gmail with any questions 


To book an appointment in Nyc:

To book an appointment in NJ:

email me directly at britaini.albin@gmail


*especially for same day walk~ins

(we get busy so dm shop, call, email Jersey City Tattoo since I might be tattooing or with a client already :) be kind to our counter staff  

To book for a Guest Spot in another state:

*I book my own appointment at britaini.albin@gmail for guest spots 

I will send you a email asking you about the design, location, size, references, your availability and anything else you might want to tell me. After we’ve talked about all that and the appointment date than I’ll ask for a deposit. Deposits are non refundable. This is to finalize your appointment 

Which shop are you at? 


White Rabbit Tattoo

121 Essex Street (2nd floor)

New York, NY 10002                 (Helpful picture on contact page)

Give them a follow on

Instagram @whiterabbittattoostudio

Phone number is (212) 228-1803

Friday & Saturday 

Jersey City Tattoo

253 Newark Ave,

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Phone number: 201 360-0139

How do I pay for my appointment?

The shop takes most major credit cards, Cash, Venmo and PayPal for deposits and transactions

Can I bring my friend or other people with me?

At White Rabbit we have a smaller shop so it depends on the day but you can definitely bring friends in with you but they might have to wait in our lobby 


How much does a tattoo cost?

With every client I will price the tattoo the day of the appointment. It’s super hard to guesstimate things via email without actually seeing it/drawing it. For most of my clients I will draw a couple of different designs that you will have the option of choosing from. With those designs it could come down to the size, location or detail that you want that tattoo to be done in. So usually when it comes to pricing I will do all those in person~I try not to do pricing through email. You’d be surprised on how small or how big you would want something once you see it in person.

Can I bring headphones?

Absolutely. I want everybody to be comfortable when they come in so feel free to bring your phone with your headphones so you can watch a movie or listen to whatever music you wanna listen to. It does not bother me at all :)


What is the aftercare or what should I expect after getting tattooed? 

When you leave you’ll have a piece of paper with all the aftercare instructions on it. As well as let you know verbally what to expect. It really depends on what I’ve put on your tattoo before you left. Sometimes I will use just a breathable bandage, taped padded bandage or a clear film bandage so it just depends on what I dress it with before you leave. Usually clients asked me this before they even get tattooed. I would just wait until the day of and I wouldn’t worry about it until we go over everything in person 


What should I wear the day of the tattoo appointment?

You can always send an email but here are some pretty clever ways on how to cover up or if you don’t want to feel exposed. This is just to make sure you feel comfortable during the tattoo. I will say that sometimes super chunky shirts or sweaters often get in the way if you’re getting something on your side, your shoulder or upper arms. The idea of this question is just to make people aware that maybe your clothes might be in the way when I put a stencil on or when I’m tattooing you


Common areas:

Back tattoos: Turning a hoodie/loose dress shirt/flannel around for a back or spine tattoo


Sternums: same as back tattoos~button ups or zipper hoodies/shirts

Leg or thigh~ shorts or loose pants (skinny jeans are not your friend for this tattoo unless you can move it up enough to expose the area with ease)

Shoulders~Super loose shirts, racer back, spaghetti strap or tank top to pull down or move so it’s out of the way


High high thigh/hip~you can email me~Skirts, dresses, loose shorts or pants 

Arms & forearms~clothing than you can easily move out of the way. Tank tops for bigger pieces like sleeves or shoulder caps are super helpful 

Side Tattoo~depending on the spot you could wear pretty much anything. I usually can tie, tape or “halter top” a shirt out of the way if you don’t walk to expose your top body. Clothing I suggest for shoulders are help for this area 


We have a partition available for privacy too. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. I personally like to feel comfortable when I get my tattoo so wear whatever makes you feel good or comfortable there’s no rules on this except comfort 

***Overall getting tattooed should be a lot of fun. The day of the appointment if you wanna bring any snacks or drinks feel free to do so. Longer sessions we will take breaks for. We have a waiting area and a very quiet shop so you can definitely take breaks if need be

Tattooing is a beautiful thing so don’t worry too much. We’re all here to do awesome work in a safe environment. If I didn’t answer any specific questions that you had~feel free to email me directly 

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