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frequently asked questions 

What’s your availability?

At the moment since I’m new to New York City I’m booked up 2 weeks in advance but I do have availability here & there if an appointment reschedules so please reach out & I’ll usually reply back in 48 hrs

How do I book an appointment?

You can email at or

will send you a email asking you about the design, location, size, references, your availability and anything else you might want to tell me. This is to try to avoid email chains=multiple emails. After we’ve talked about all that and the appointment date I’ll ask for a deposit. Deposits are non refundable. They are not drawing fees it’s just to lock in your appointments 

Which shop are you at? 

Three Kings Tattoo

572 Manhattan Ave 

Brooklyn, New York 

Give them a follow on Instagram @threekingsbrooklyn

Phone number is 718-349-7755

How do I pay for my appointment?

Cash is preferred but the shop takes most major credit cards and PayPal for deposits 

Can I bring my friend or other people with me?

In we are asking all clients to wear a mask and unfortunately no extra guest are allowed or they can feel free to hang out in our lobby 


How much does a tattoo cost?

With every client I will price the tattoo the day of the appointment. It’s super hard to guesstimate things via email without actually seeing it/drawing it. For most of my clients I will draw a couple of different designs that you will have the option of choosing from. With those designs it could come down to the size, location or detail that you want that tattoo to be done in. So usually when it comes to pricing I will do all those in person~I try not to do pricing through email. You’d be surprised on how small or how big you would want something once you see it in person.

Can I bring headphones?

Absolutely. I want everybody to be comfortable when they come in so feel free to bring your phone with your headphones so you can watch a movie or listen to whatever music you wanna listen to. It does not bother me at all :)


What is the aftercare or what should I expect after getting tattooed? 

When you leave you’ll have a piece of paper with all the aftercare instructions on it. As well as let you know verbally what to expect. It really depends on what I’ve put on your tattoo before you left. Sometimes I will use just a breathable bandage, taped padded bandage or a clear film bandage so it just depends on what I dress it with before you leave. Usually clients asked me this before they even get tattooed. I would just wait until the day of and I wouldn’t worry about it until we go over everything in person 


How quick do you reply back to emails?

I try to get back to everybody on my days off. Sunday~Tuesday are the best days that I set aside for new clients or any questions you might have. I try not to focus too much on my emails during my work week because I think it takes away from working on my clients that day. Hence no DMs on Instagram :) The more time I spend on somebody else should be an indication of how much time I’m going to spend on you. All email are answered Sunday~Tuesday for new clients and booked clients 24-72 hours 


What should I wear the day of the tattoo appointment?

Just ask in an email I have some pretty clever ways (after working at a biker shop for forever) on how to cover up or not feel exposed. This is just to make sure you feel comfortable during the tattoo. I will say that sometimes super chunky shirts or sweaters often get in the way if you’re getting something on your side, your shoulder or upper arms. The idea of this question is just to make people aware that maybe your clothes might be in the way when I put a stencil on or when I’m tattooing you


Common questions: Turning a hoodie/loose dress shirt/flannel around for a back or spine tattoo or simply wearing a hoodie for a sternum tattoo has helped before. 

A leg or thigh~ shorts or loose pants (skinny jeans are not your friend for this tattoo) 

Shoulders~same super loose shirts, sweaters or flannel if you want to be partial covered or you can wear a racer back or spaghetti strap tank top to pull down and it’s out of the way * High high thigh/hip~dress or skirt *


We have a partition available for privacy too. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. I personally like to feel comfortable when I get my tattoo so wear whatever makes you feel good or comfortable there’s no rules on this except comfort 


What is your tattoo process?

When it comes to making designs and what not I like to have options for you to choose from. When you start to book an appointment I’ll ask if you questions just to figure out exactly what you want me to do. Simplicity is your friend and these are normal questions I ask everyone 


I don’t do any previews of designs until the day of the appointment. This is to limit the amount of time on my computer answering emails going back and forth. On the day of the appointment we can definitely change a few things, go over placement and sizing. You’d be surprised at how many clients end up going smaller or way bigger than what they initially wanted to go with the design. I explain this is pricing too. I’ll show you the outline of a design but all the detail will be done when I’ll actually tattoo you


All of the tattoos on my Instagram and my website everyone had about two or three different designs that I showed them the day of and the rest they left up to me. There are a few examples of this on my Instagram on the main page in the buttons. Also sending examples of other tattooers work isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But know that I will have to change that design, idea and concept 100% in order to make an original design for you. I do not copy or mimic anybody else’s work. With so many references and resources online it’s kind of hard to find things so I totally understand. I personally do a lot of different styles so I usually like asking for examples so I can make a custom design for you


What style of tattoo do you do or don’t do?

I do all kinds of styles of tattooing. Nowadays I usually like focusing on black work, stippling/dot work, line work, floral, nature and black and gray tattooing. A quick note is that I do not tattoo hands, fingers, face, lip or certain areas around or on feet there are a ton of artist at the shop that do accommodate these tattoo request & our front counter staff can set you up with the right person 


Overall getting tattooed should be a lot of fun. The day of the appointment if you wanna bring any snacks or drinks feel free to do so. Longer sessions we will take breaks for. We have a waiting area and a very quiet shop so you can definitely take breaks if need be. Tattooing is a beautiful thing so don’t worry to much. We’re all here to do awesome work in a a safe environment. If I didn’t answer any specific questions that you had for free to email me

Why don’t I see my tattoo on your website or Instagram?

There’s are number of reasons why you might not see your tattoo up on my Instagram or website. I don’t post everything. Some times with Instagram algorithms it’s down to the time of the day, the tattoo is not done yet (session work), I just don’t feel like sharing it with everybody or I just didn’t get the right photo that I wanted for it. Usually it’s the latter~I’m not a photographer and sometimes take blurry pictures after working on big session tattoos. I do quite a lot of tattoos during my week so some of them you’ll see my story or some of them you just won’t see you at all. So don’t take this as me not liking your tattoo. It’s social media. I wouldn’t take it that personal. Feel free to post your tattoo or tag me in your photos :) 

Sanitation has always been our priority+ we will continue to make sure our shop is thoroughly disinfected so our clients + artist can feel safe+ remain happy and healthy.

If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to reach out. 

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